Friday, June 26, 2009

View from the sticks

I try fairly hard to buy things that are made in the U.S. as much as I can just on general principle and if I need something I will look long and hard find it. It has sort of become a game that is getting harder to play every year. Sometimes I wonder to my self if this country makes anything at all anymore.
This subject really hit home to me yesterday at the bicycle shop when we got in a discussion about the Cannondale bike brand. Cannondales are near and dear to me and I have been a loyal customer for decades. I think that I own seven of them. They are extremely high quality bikes at a fair price that are made in the USA. At least until the end of this year that is. The company recently announced that in 2010 frame manufacture will be moved to Taiwan and 200 of the current 300 employees will loose their jobs, a move that the parent company Dorel says will save the company $4 million dollars a year. They may save several million dollars but they are going to loose at least one very loyal customer.
So if you want a really good bike that will last for the rest of your life and is made in the USA, grab a Cannondale while you can. It is a dying breed.


Anonymous said...

I bought a Cannondale a couple of months ago and it says made in China on the bottom of the frame.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Same story here! and everywhere!
we also follow the "vote-with-your dollar"-principal, as much as we can.

the amish-shop sounds interesting!

have to admid, apart from PCs and TV, we also live a pretty plain livestyle... well okay we've got cars and electricity, but we usually make many things ourselves...

oh regarding your tips on medical care, here's also a way of solving such problems...

have a nice weekend!!!

ExRanger said...

Factotum, Yeah I know. Some of the production has been moved already and the rest soon.

Sarah, thinks for the tip! You have a good weekend too.

Deborah Yost said...

Well, cr_p.

ExRanger said...

Hi Deb, Yep that is pretty much what I said!

Anonymous said...

ExRanger, even though it's made in China, it's a very nice bike. I wasn't buying brand , just what fit me the best. It's a Quick 6 not exactly top of the line but it sure beats my 20 year old Spalding that I bought at Sears :).
Oh, by the way, I enjoy reading your blog, found it through LATOC.

Weaseldog said...

I had heard that Cannondale was increasing their outsourcing.

This is one more story that makes me believe the Green Shoots Cheerleaders are all looneys.

Recovery around the corner? Based on what?

ExRanger said...

You are right. It is a very nice bike and it will last you for a very long time. I was sad to see Cannondale go this route.
I did buy a new Gary Fisher single speed, 29er, mountain bike on Friday. Very nice bike even though it was not made in the US. I am glad you like my Blog!

I agree. They can talk about recoveries and green shoots until they are blue in the face but I don't buy it. All the anecdotal evidence that I hear when I talk to people tells me that things are going to get rougher and stay that way for a lot longer than most people expect.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

I looked through many of your older posts yesterday and I have to say, they make me feel really good and "normal" because we obviously share a simular attitude. And as I said before, I very often see that "normal" people/average civilians have a completely different view of the world and a blind eye for commonse sense security issues or just the simple desire of being self-reliant. I often hear comments "We're not a war, why should I think that way?" or "this is not the army, we just do what we feel like..."! Yep! I noticed...

Anyway I have started up a new blog, where I have invited different people to contribute relevant issues.

I really liked your postings on water and first aid, as well as the "panic"-series... so I was wondering if you would like to contribute to the blog. You could either write new entries or just repost old ones there,like f.ex. those just mentioned. I think many people could benefit from knowing more about those topics!

So let me know if I shall send you an invitation!

two other questions: why didn't you mention boiling the water - that is what I would normally do in the wilderness... relying on purifying tablets would be too much a liability for me (even though I have to admid the Danish army uses them as well...) what do you think about water-purifying-straws and why do you mention matches? Do you not use a striker?

ExRanger said...

Sarah Sofia Ganborg,
I would like to contribute to your Blog. It is hard to get enough time to write very much this time of year but I will do what I can.

As to boiling water for purification. I have used it while wilderness camping and I probably should mention it. I think that I left it out because it is so fuel intensive and that will definatly be an issue in the future. I think I will edit it in.
I have several fire strikers but I save them for emergencys. Matches an disposable lighters are so easy to use and super inexpensive.