Sunday, June 14, 2009

View from the sticks

I rounded up most of my bikes the other day for a group photo. There were still two missing. What you are looking at is the future of transportation in this country. We will still be driving cars for a long time but they will be used less and less to get around for trips under five miles.
The reaction that I get for having all these bikes strikes me a funny most of the time. I buy good quality bikes, Cannondale for the most part, and I still have less invested in all of them than I would have to pay for a decent used car. Most people don't understand what riding a good quality bike with good components is like and how much easier it is to go longer distances with one and also what a pleasure they are to ride.
So do yourself a favor. Go to a reputable local dealer, look around and take a test ride of a few upscale models and spend as much as you can afford to. Then start leaving the car at home for the local errands around town. You will be glad you did!


Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

why would you have so many???
here in Dk it's very normal to use a bike. My husband once almost ran a cyclist over in the center of Copenhagen. It was nobody's fault, just extreme circumstances during the rush hour and everybody was fine, but then the cyclist started waving to him in a very friendly manner and I asked him what that was all about and he said tahtn was one of his pupils, one of the three top lawyers of the country...

So to make a point here: people like that don't take the Rolls or the mercedes, they take a bike, one kid at the front, another one in the back!

that's because they live in the city and it's easy to get around this way and they can save themselves the time on work-out.

However here in the country, where we are living, far too few people use bikes and naturally they don't live quite as healthily even though the nature is absolutely beautiful and it would be nice to cycle here.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

I just read your panic-series and was quite amazed. you know you pretty much think the way that I do. I usually never really talk about that, because people just think I'm nuts if and when I do. they don't understand that if you chose to take responsibility you won't have to worry about anything, because you know how to handle it!
So as a consequence I don't really bother talking too much about it, I just use little tips and tricks in my fiction books in order to make it more interesting.

I might get some of those books you have recommended. I also got some survival books and more medical books than most doctors - well I also tend to know more about the human body than they do...

As far as medical supplies are concerned: well you don't really need too much. If you treat the body right and stay away from doctors you won't get into too much trouble I would say.

Ever heard about Natural Hygjene?

Re guns: really beats me, why some people have to get armed to the teeth, when they really know so little about it that they'll probably end up shooting their own "crown jewels" off...!

How come that you've been preparing for this since 1990?

One last thing: are you interested in exchanging links?

ExRanger said...

Sarah Sofia Ganborg,
I have lots of bikes for many reasons. Some are for guests to ride and all the rest have specific purposes. But most of all because I really like them! I ride almost everywhere and all year round.
I am glad you read my panic series. I don't talk about it much either unless someone brings it up.
I don't talk very much about guns on my Blog either but sometime in the future i may. Competition shooting has been part of my life since I was 17.
Why since the early 90's? I guess I just saw the writing on the wall and tried to build my life around the events I saw coming at us. I was a little early but better that too late.
I would be glad to exchange links with you if you would like.
Nice to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful collection of bikes. Such a marvel of engineering they are :)