Sunday, February 28, 2010

Progress Report

It was not a new years resolution but more of a couple of goals that I set for myself this year. The first is to ride a total 0f 5000 miles this year on the bicycles and the other is to do 2 century rides(100 mile rides).
5000 miles breaks down to 13.69 miles a day and I am doing a miminun of 14 to add in a little cushion. So today I did the math and and on three bikes I have ridden a total of 900 miles for the year. Actually when I first added it up I was at 899.61 so I jumped back on the bike and rode another four tenths of a mile to bring it to an even 900. ;-)
I have ridden a lot of miles over the years but never at this pace and I can tell already that I am stronger on the bike than I have ever been. By the time summer gets here I will be ready to tackle the second goal.
So I dare you, set a goal for your self that is a little ambitious and out side the old comfort zone. You might suprise yourself.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Plan B

This is an interesting PSA video that was produced by the Ad council. In it near the end you will see the man grab a bag as they exit their home. Do you know what it is?

What he is grabbing is an emergency preparedness kit or B.O.B (Bug out Bag). The function of this bag is for it to be packed and ready to grab as you go out the door in the event of an emergency. FEMA has checklists of things that you can follow and if you visit LATOC forum, you will find long discussions of B.O.B.s and their contents in great detail. You may never need this bag but you will definitely feel better knowing that it is there. Consider it a sort of insurance policy.
Check these out.

FEMA citizen corps
LATOC forum
LATOC B.O.B thread,55895.0.html