Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring must be here!

I admit up front that my hearing is pretty bad but I had to laugh at the mistake that I made today. I was out riding the dirt country roads today on my bicycle when I started hearing the strangest sound. I rode further while looking down at the bike to try and figure out where this strange creaking sound was coming from. I'm thinking bottom bracket bearing failure or maybe the seat post when it dawned on me what I was hearing. The frogs have made their first appearance of the spring and they were really going at it! It was neat to hear them singing again and funny that I did not recognize it right away. Happy spring everybody!


Weaseldog said...

I love the sound of spring peepers.

I have a couple little ponds in my backyard. All of the neighborhood toads come to my place in the spring to make whoopee.

Weaseldog said...

My toads started up the other night!

AleciaMarie said...

I finally saw my first Robin this weekend! Plus there are a ton of those black birds with red on their wings. I'm not sure what those are?

ExRanger said...

Weaseldog, I have not seen the toads around my place yet but soon I hope. I did see some turtles the other day when i was out riding. Looks like we have a chance for some snow in the next few days so that will throw a damper on the spring festivities.

Alecia, those are redwing blackbirds. ;-)