Sunday, February 28, 2010

Progress Report

It was not a new years resolution but more of a couple of goals that I set for myself this year. The first is to ride a total 0f 5000 miles this year on the bicycles and the other is to do 2 century rides(100 mile rides).
5000 miles breaks down to 13.69 miles a day and I am doing a miminun of 14 to add in a little cushion. So today I did the math and and on three bikes I have ridden a total of 900 miles for the year. Actually when I first added it up I was at 899.61 so I jumped back on the bike and rode another four tenths of a mile to bring it to an even 900. ;-)
I have ridden a lot of miles over the years but never at this pace and I can tell already that I am stronger on the bike than I have ever been. By the time summer gets here I will be ready to tackle the second goal.
So I dare you, set a goal for your self that is a little ambitious and out side the old comfort zone. You might suprise yourself.


AleciaMarie said...

Cool! If you do a bike trip up to Russ's this summer you would REALLY meet your goal!

Weaseldog said...

If you're starting now, you could be doing twins be July. :)