Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The notice came in the mail this weekend and a phone call yesterday reminding me that the Red Cross was having another blood drive this week. It was today actually and I did what I normally do, rode my bike up to the community center, rolled up my sleeve and donated a pint. Not a big deal but it is an important thing to do.
They checked my donation record and I am two pints shy of five gallons, which I thought was a lot until I got to talking to the old guy next to me when we were done and drinking coffee. He was awarded his ten gallon pin today and he told me he started giving when he retired 21 years ago. That is A LOT of blood!
I have seen what a pint of blood can do for a person who is in need first hand and it is an amazing thing. So if you can, the next time the Red Cross is in town give them a pint and help somebody in need. And with any luck sometime this summer I will write about this subject again and I will be able to tell you that I got to the five gallon mark. ;-)


Alecia said...

Ohhhh that makes me woozy just thinking about it.....

ExRanger said...

Its really not that bad once you do it a couple of times. Just turn your head or read a book and it's all over in less than 10 min.