Sunday, September 18, 2011

6000 miles!

I hit the 6000 mile mark this morning. It has been a difficult year to get big miles in but I am out there most every morning, chipping away at it.
I have been riding a TREK Transport this year on trips of between 2 and 22 miles. It is a great bike that does an outstanding job of hauling heavy loads. I was pretty happy with the bike as it was built but I decided early on that it would be a great bike with a few modifications. I added a Fizik Arone saddle, a Bontrager rear fender and Avid BB7 road disc brakes. I have been suprised at how quiet and fast the bike is. It does not feel like a heavy cargo bike. If you are looking for a great cargo bike then the TREK Transport should be on your list for a test ride.
One other item I have been using this summer is a Dazer II electronic dog repellent. I read about it in a book called cycling home from siberia. I was a bit skeptical but the price was right so I ordered one and took it on my daily rides. I have to say, I was suprised when I used it the first time and the dog broke off the chase as soon as I pushed the button. His ears went back and he turned away without any time lag. The Dazer II works! Buy one and try it!

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