Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mid Year Update

It seems hard to believe that half of the year is gone already but that is what the calender says. So far I am making good progress on the goals I set for myself in January. I finished the second century ride of the year on tuesday, 100 miles in 5 hours and 48 min. And after six months of riding almost every day i have a grand total of 3907 miles. I am closing in on the goal of 5000 that I set for myself. It will be interesting to see what the grand total for the year ends up being.
The garden is doing well so far overall with a few things growing a bit on the slow side. I am looking forward to harvesting some fresh vegatables soon! Around the county I see the farm crops are doing well, with the corn far ahead of where it usually is this time of year. Could be all the rain we have gotten this spring.
The little town I live in is holding its own through the awful economic times we are in. I wish i could say the same for the State but it looks like another big budget shortfall this year. I think it is going to be a good long time before we see anything that even looks like stability.
I wish everyone a good independance day holiday and a great rest of the year. Hope to see you out on the bicycle!

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Weaseldog said...

Congrats on getting ahead of schedule!