Friday, August 7, 2009

View from the sticks

At various times on different sites and forums the subject of self defence comes up and normally I don't participate much. The fact is that even though I live in a state that allows licenced concealed carry of handguns, I don't carry. I truth there is only one period during the 24 hours of the day that I feel at all vulnerable and that is at home when I am sleeping. I am a very peaceful and non-violent person with one exception. That is if someone comes into my home, uninvited and armed then the claws come out. What you see in the picture above is what is in reach when I am sleeping. No matter what side of my bed I wake up on there are at least two edged weapons within reach. I have preferred edged weapons for very close quarter combat in the dark for a long time. If at all possible I don't want to fire a firearm indoors because as soon as you do you are both deaf, momentary blinded and somewhat stunned.
I also keep my cell phone close at hand to call 911 but the fact is in the rural area I live in it can take awhile for reinforcements to arrive. And with all the budget trouble city's and towns are having I don't see it getting better.
If I do get awakened by something and I have to investigate then the other weapons come in to play. The flashlight works well to temporarily blind someone and makes a handy club. In my other hand is the shotgun, chamber empty, magazine loaded with buckshot. A pump shotgun makes a vary distinctive sound when a round is racked in to the chamber that most everyone understands. I call it the universal translator.
I hope very much that I never have to use any of this but it is close at hand on standby if I do. Everyone has a different situation in their homes and what works for me may not be appropriate for other people. I live alone so I can do somewhat different things than a home that has children in it. When I had kids at home the firearms were unloaded and locked up but could be gotten to quickly in a special safe. What I recommend is at the very least think through your situation and what your response should be. It is your home,you don't ever have to be a victim and surrender without a fight.

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